I love how the people who claim to “love” me are giving me things for my birthday that make me cry constantly. Aww

(I think it’s funny too that Adele is rated FSK 0, although she says “fucking” all the time)
Who is extrem-fangirling and doesn’t give a damn? And who got the best late christmas present this year? 


So I made another blog for fangirl related stuff, and it will mostly contain Jensen Ackles and Yeller and Andy Samberg (spoiler alert) who the hell else I find attractive and amazing (and once in a while stupid gif’s I’d like to share). I just want to keep my main blog (this one, aye) clean. If you’re interested in fangirling as well, come and visit me: www.boylovesseasidefangirling.tumblr.com

thanks for your consideration.

A quick update on my weekend, although no one will be interested, but my tumblr is my diary so nevermind.

I’ve managed to watch twenty episodes of Supernatural and going to work.

I’ve been out with some friends of mine and watched ANONYMOUS.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go for it, it’s pretty much worth it. I was so fascinated by Vanessa Redgrave’s performance, it was incredibly hilarious and I loved the idea of Joely Richardson playing the young Elizabeth. Overall Emmerich did a pretty good job and through out the movie I never had the feeling of watching a costume drama, because everything was in place and didn’t look put-on or enforced. I did even enjoy Shakespeare being portrayed as the most unpleasant person, I wasn’t able to find him sympathetic, but I guess you were supposed to dislike him after all.

My thoughts are with my friend Alexandra, I hope she can manage to weather her current situation, I know how difficult it is for her, but I am nothing but proud of her braveness.

I think I’m getting a cold. Yup.

I’m resisting the urge to make another tumblr, because the only thing I would do is to reblog Jensen Ackles related stuff and this would mean no good. I’m not gonna do it. I just can’t help it though, he is too beautiful.

Edit: I’ve managed to watch 26 episodes of Supernatural.