I watched the trailer for upcoming “Celeste and Jesse Forever”

And started crying. 

……Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with me these days?


So I made another blog for fangirl related stuff, and it will mostly contain Jensen Ackles and Yeller and Andy Samberg (spoiler alert) who the hell else I find attractive and amazing (and once in a while stupid gif’s I’d like to share). I just want to keep my main blog (this one, aye) clean. If you’re interested in fangirling as well, come and visit me: www.boylovesseasidefangirling.tumblr.com

thanks for your consideration.

rod <3

may your hammer be mighty.

Hot Rod.
she was sooooooooo happy. I love her so much
i’m quite happy. (sprinkles still missing)
right now it looks like this, I have to add the lettering later.
hello lovely