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青磁っていうんでしょうか。 北斎の海にも見える。


“Repeat after me:
I am not a problem
to be solved. Repeat after me:
I am worthy I am worthy I am
neither the mistake nor
the punishment.”

— Sierra DeMulder 
Elder Brother Throw Me To The Wolves

"I didn’t get married until I was 50. I think it finally happened because I stopped thinking it was possible.""How do you mean?""Before I gave up, I was putting so much pressure on myself that I’d immediately be considering and measuring every man I’d meet. It’s not natural to begin a relationship with such a long term view. When I met my husband, I wasn’t looking past that afternoon."

Patch of Grass, Vincent van Gogh

Back to basics with Lea Seydoux in J. Crew. 
Photograph by Benoit Peverelli; W magazine March 2011. 


at what point do I get to call myself a “music photographer”? at what point do I get to call myself a “photographer”? it still feels weird when the word leaves my mouth. I feel like the title hasn’t been earned, but at what point has it been?

Whatever title you prefer, it has been earned already.

Can we talk about this carpet for a sec #lastsupper#iamirritated


he’s cute but i’m not liking his selfie because i want him to know he ain’t shit

How long have you turned your back to the sea that nibbles your ankles offering you his mouth? How long has it been since you forgot the smell of salt, the black-green rust of his seaweed, the dark invitation of his groans?

I see you from a hill. As if trailing a shipwreck, your wooden planks rot on a grey beach full of dead shrubs and shells.

When will you rise from your sadness, Providence? When will you respond to the insistent smile of the water that barks at you?

— Venezuelan poet, Rafael Castillo Zapata (b.1958) | from his collection 'Providence' | via (via indigenousdialogues)
Sharon Van Etten I Wish I Knew